Bartlett Texas


Austin Ghost Tours will have exclusive access to the Old School House in Bartlett, Texas built in 1909.

Old buildings in all small towns all across the united states tend to fall into disrepair. Why? Because the generations that held memories associated with the buildings get older and attention to the old structures fade. The new generations have new interests, newer buildings have been built and the past can be forgotten.
One way to get the younger generation interested in old buildings and history is through the very popular topic of ghosts. Everybody loves a good ghost story!
Discover local history through the spirits who remained to tell their stories.

Bartlett is a railroad town, built on Black Land Prairie. It was a thriving cotton community until the Boll Weevil, the Great Depression and World War II caused all of the businesses and banks to close their doors forever. It is as if time stood still in this tiny town. This is a once in a lifetime experience for all paranormal enthusiasts!  Have fun and learn Texas history.

Investigation will include the school and grounds. Wear appropriate clothing, bring snacks and an open mind.  $40 per person 10 years and older    no alcohol     if money is a concern contact us

Half of all proceeds go to the upkeep of the school   Every Saturday night at 8:30 PM

Call/text 512-203-5561          email

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A few EVP’s from the schoolhouse




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