Friends and Guests of Austin Ghost Tours,
Many of you ask at the start of a tour if we will be visiting the haunted Driskill Hotel. The answer is, probably not, thanks to an email all tour companies received from the hotel management on July 7th, 2018: 

Letter from the Hyatt sent to local tour companies:

:”Good Morning, I hope this email finds you well. We are delighted that you bring groups in to share The Driskill’s rich history with the community. As a full functioning hotel our guest’s satisfaction and experience is our number one priority. The concierge team is reaching out to all the tour companies in the area to inform them of our buildings new policy regarding tour groups. Moving forward tour groups must remain under ten people. If tour groups enter the building exceeding this amount they will be asked to leave. Tour groups must come before 9p.m. After 9p.m. they will be asked to leave. Our hotel guest floors are for registered guests only, including the Mezzanine level. Tour groups must remain in the public areas of the hotel, which include the Main Lobby and The Driskill Bar. Please ensure that your tour guides are reminding the group to stand off to the side, so that they are not blocking the stairs or the walk ways. Thank you so much for understanding and respecting the comfort of our registered guests. Please let us know if you have any questions. Sincerely, The Driskill Concierge Team”

We will not be escorting you into the Main Lobby, which has been our custom for over 20 years as a part of telling the historic haunted stories of downtown Austin. The newer tour companies’ liberties with The Driskill’s hospitality seem to have dampened a warm welcome.  Add to that, the outward corporate insistence of the Hyatt chain that there are no ghosts and the fact that our tours are rarely 9 people or fewer.

Austin Ghost Tours is the longest running tour company in the city and the originator of pretty much every ghost story the city has to tell for the last 25 years. We Executive Produce Haunted Texas for PBS. Both tour guide Maverick and owner Jeanine have written books on Austin History and Austin Ghosts. Tour guide Monica has literally written the book on The Driskill’s ghost stories. 
Contrary to the management statement that the Driskill is for paying customers primarily, the building will always be a local Austin icon. Ask us! We have many stories about the Driskill and the other excellent haunted hotels in the city.
ALSO always remember, that as a tourist, or Austin resident, the public is welcome to have a drink at the Driskill bar, a meal at the 1886 Café, or just enjoy sitting in the Main Lobby.  We have done it many times, off the clock. And, despite management statements, extraordinary things will continue to happen – because, as other owners have learned, you cannot so easily silence the ghosts of the Driskill Hotel. And one wonders what happens when you try?
If you would like to learn more about the Driskill and other haunted areas of Austin, please take a look at our books page where we show off some of our published works of our Tour Guides.