Special Blood Full Moon Ghost Walk

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NIGHT OF THE FULL MOON ONLY -  July 27,  2018   

10.30 PM - 90 MINUTE WALKING TOUR - $20.00 PER PERSON + tax ***(no added fees during check out) ***

Meeting Location: In front of the 1886 CAFE at the Driskill

Join us for a celebration of life (and death) in honor of the Full Moon. We will leave from the shadow of the Driskill Hotel, in front of the 1886 Cafe on 6th Street at 10:30 PM. Visit some of Austin’s favorite Haunted Historic Hot spots and hear about the spirits which linger there. The tour will end at midnight on the Capitol Grounds with a ritual in honor of the Full Moon. The Earth, Sun and Moon are perfectly aligned during the New and Full Moon. The Earth's tides are at their highest and lowest at this time. The Human Brain and Heart are composed of 73% water and water is the element that governs emotion.The Full Moon is a time to use our heightened and the heightened energy of our paranormal guides, to send blessings to those in need, including ourselves.   Guests are invited to join in the ritual but are welcome to simply observe or even excuse themselves.  

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- Arrive 15 minutes before the tour is scheduled to begin

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