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San Marcos Ghost Tour

Welcome to the fascinating haunted history of San Marcos Texas!

Because of the abundance of fresh water in the area Native Americans continously occupied the area at least 12,000 years ago if not longer.

When the Spanish first traversed Texas along the Camino Real des los Tejas (click here to learn more) because of the abundance of water a town was established in 1808 and named Villa de San Marcos de Neve. The population was almost entirely of persons born in New Spain.

On July 27, 1812, a combined group of Comanche and Tawakoni Indians invaded San Marcos de Neve and ran off with some 205 horses. The small detachment of soldiers in the villa were powerless to stop the attack and unable to pursue the raiding Indians.  The people of San Marcos abandoned their homes, never to return.

On this Haunted History Ghost Walk discover the first ghost story in Texas, when the Newton Boys blew the door off the bank, stories from the jailhouse, the history of embalming and more.

When are the tours: click on the the date to find out

What to expect: Local history, legends and lore.

When: 8:00 PM

Where: Meet in front of The Coffee Bar on the square click here for location

Cost: $25.00 per person adults only

Who is welcome: All!


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