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Austin Ghost Tours has been researching and investigating Austin’s haunted history for over 25 years. Our stories are original, backed by research, and are often based on personal experience and first-hand accounts. Tour Guides Jeanine Plumer, Monica Ballard, and Dr. John Maverick are all published authors on Austin ghost history, and our goal is to inform the truth about ghosts. Read our founder’s story.

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COLD SPOTS! Air Conditioned Austin Haunted Walking Tour

Learn the history behind the ghosts residing in downtown Austin’s most haunted locations including The Driskill Hotel.

Matrimony, Murder & Mayhem

This 90-minute walking tour covers 7 city blocks and includes stories of eternal love, murder, suicide and plenty of mayhem.

Haunted Bartlett Walking Tour

Within the abandoned buildings, discover the history of Bartlett as told through the ghosts who have remained to tell their stories.

Halloween in Ireland the Celtic Harvest Festival

The origins of Halloween are set in Ireland. The Celts believed that on the eve of Halloween, dead spirits would visit the mortal world. They lit bonfires to keep evil spirits away and dressed in disguises.

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