The St. Mary’s property includes an entire city block. There is the church on one side and on the other side a school. The choir director at Saint Mary’s Church in Austin invited tour guide Monica to a reading room in the area occupied by the school because he believed it to be haunted.

The reading room is above what was once a full kitchen. Today after renovations the kitchen is more like a coffee room and there is no equipment to bake.  In the reading room several staff members have experienced the smell of what they described as brownies.

Monica recorded the story of the suspected ghost while she and the choir directer were in the reading room. You can hear them walk into the room and almost immediately you can hear what sounds like monks singing. The church is too far away for any music to be heard if there was a mass, which there was not. The director nor Monica heard the singing. It was only audible on the recording device when Monica listened to it later.

Have a listen because WOW! Father Joseph was a monk with a sweet tooth who lived at Saint Mary’s and made brownies ALL THE TIME. After his passing the fantom aroma began. The singing can be heard when the director talks about the brownies. Click below to listen.

Another ghost story related to St Mary’s Church:

Strange light caught on camera during a tour