Electronica Voice Phenomenon are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices. Are the sounds spirits? That is a decision left to the listener.

The bell sound which everyone heard at exactly 3:15 PM and the child like sound which Monica and I heard but no one else in the room did were sounds on our recording devices and in real life. The rest of these are EVP’s that were only heard on our recording devices.

During our visit to Metz Elementary School, we walked through the hallways and into about 5 rooms. We sat down in the cafeteria which was also used as an auditorium for a little while because we thought that was where there would be residual energy. Yes, Monica calls the room a “cafetorium” not a “cafeteria” and in fact both words are correct.

We were in the building for 2-hours from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM.

Some of these are repeats from a previous post but I wanted to keep them together as our first documentation from that day.

Often, people hear different things. Almost always Monica and I hear different things. In many cases she will hear sounds and I hear nothing. Just because I can’t hear them does not mean YOU can’t hear the EVP’s.

Recordings in which I can hear the EVP’s :

Recording Monica can hear EVP’s and I cannot: 

The Bell: