One of the many ghost stories collected by the late Leon Netardus

Without the devoted work of men and women like him many local legends would be lost in time. This is just one of the stories from his impressive collection. He also wrote the book: The Ghosts of Gonzales

The Man in Black

About 12 years ago, the courthouse was renovated into one of the most beautiful buildings in the state. The contractor told a story in which he was working there one day, and around quitting time he was getting ready to lock up. He was in the district courtroom on the second floor when he looked up into the balcony. A man dressed in black stood over him looking down.

“When he told the man they were closed and that he needed to leave, the man didn’t move,” Leon says. “He just stood there. So he went around and up the stairs to the next floor to confront the man, only to find he had vanished! He didn’t pass him on the way down, and there was no other way out of the building.”

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