What is up there with haunted railroad crossings in Texas? Haunted bridges. Each is of course, the MOST haunted.

Shine a light

According to radio 600 am in El Paso states it is the Maxdale bridge in Killeen, Texas. Was it a school bus full of children that all died when the bridge collapsed? The other story is that a man’s girlfriend drowned in the river below the bridge while going for a swim. Unable to save her, the man was so distraught over the loss of his love that he hung himself from the bridge not long after her death. At night if you shine your headlights, you can see the silhouette of the man hanging from the bridge.

Goatman’s Bridge

Also haunted, Goatman’s Bridge in Denton. “legend says a group of Klansmen murdered a beloved black goat farmer on Old Alton Bridge in 1938. The black goat farmer was endearingly called Goatman by residents of Denton. The Klansmen crossed the bridge with their headlights off and lynched the Goatman off the side of the bridge. Eventually, the Klansmen decided to go back and kill the Goatman’s family.

Shine a light

The Goatman’s spirit lingers in the woods surrounding the bridge and those who turn off their headlights while crossing the bridge will see the Goatman on the other side. I put this test to theory myself and attempted the urban legend with a friend of mine on a Friday night. Besides a chill going through our bodies at the possibility of seeing the Goatman on the other side of the bridge, we ultimately saw nothing. However, you can go at your own risk. Maybe you’ll find the Goatman on the other side.

Devil’s Bridge San Antonio – True evil is believed to lurk on this bridge at night. You may even smell sulfur (rotten eggs), which is usually a sign that something demonic is lingering around, waiting. It is also said that if you dare to step up to foot of the bridge and throw a rock, you’ll never hear it land. It’s almost as if someone (or something) catches the rock, or possibly, the rock disappears all together.

Shine a light

It’s been said that after night fall, the darkness that surrounds the bridge is so dense, that if you shine a light it will not penetrate more than a few feet out. So, be careful if you actually decide to drive over the bridge at night.

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