Samhain Ireland 2024

A Magical Journey Through Ireland at Samhain/Halloween
Castles, Fairies, History, Ghosts, Paranormal Investigation, Storytelling

This life changing excursion to the land where Halloween originated is only offered by Austin Ghost Tours. This is an original, one-of-a-kind journey designed to change your life and make new friends.

A tour created by independent tour guides from Texas and Ireland Fiona, Edel and Jeanine.

The Journey: October 29, 2024 – November 4, 2024

Who’s welcome: All! Cost will vary based on the size of the group.

A few highlights from this unique excursion

Workshop taught by Druidess Dr Rachel Scoazec Lenihan, who holds a PhD in Irish studies, former lecturer in Intercultural studies, and is a Healer, Psychic Soulpasser and Medium.

She s been a death midwife for the last 28 years, also a 28-year experience in energy, spiritual and sound healing, medium, reiki master, Celtic shaman in several traditions, Irish Breton, Welsh and Scottish, and naturopath. Her teachings and Ethos focus on the wellbeing, knowledge, wisdom and activation of people’s best potential.  She will offer us a Samhain blessing; Samhain ritual and we will kindle the sacred Samhain fire. As the Dark Season begins it is a time of the thinning of the veils in between the dead and the living. As a psychic she can give our guests’ information from their past relatives and friends.

Dinner and a live performance of  Tlachtga written and performed by host Fiona Dalton.

A live display from Tom King at his forge, ‘An Gobha’, in the heart of the Boyne Valley. These creations are all hand-made from mild steel, bronze, brass and copper. Discover recreating Celtic symbolism.

Excursion to the most haunted castle (and privately owned) in Ireland – Leap Castle where we will conduct a respectful paranormal investigation. click here

Traditional Celtic music and song performed by The Singing History Tour Guide Fiona Dalton and co-coordinator.

Puca Festival Taking place in the shadows of Trim Castle in Athboy.


Videos:   The Ancient Hill of Ward

Puca Festival

Hostess Fiona Dalton

Host Chef Gerry 

Listen to our hostess the “Singing History Tour Guide of Ireland” Podcast of traditional Irish songs. This is a Spotify link, but it is available on all podcast platforms. Look for Fiona Dalton’s Irish Songbook: Click here