Loma China is Spanish for “Chinese hill” and the source of the cemetery’s nickname “Chinese Cemetery.”

The original name has long since been forgotten. The first burial is believed to be in 1940 but most markers have not stood the test of time. The land was originally and still owned by a member of the Guzman family. It is also called the Guzman Cemetery because several Guzman’s are buried there, and the land belongs to the Guzman family.

The cemetery is surrounded by acres of overgrowth and is about a mile south of Loop 410 off South Zarzamora, in San Antonio.

The name of the cemetery is from someone who witnessed a 7-ft ghost of an Asian woman appear. Speculation began around who she was and why she was haunting the cemetery. Predictably, it became one of the thousand speculated stories that involve a woman and lost love.

This version is the Asian woman was in love with a Guzman and because she was Asian the family did not approve. The couple were secretly meeting at the cemetery when he was struck by lightning and killed. She then, of course has to die to and kills herself at his grave and they are both buried in the cemetery.

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