Tour guide Monica was talking to a HEB employee at her regular HEB who knew she worked with Austin Ghost Tours. He told her this story:


“I notice shoes,” Elroy, my bagger at the local H.E.B. told me the Saturday before Halloween. “So when I was in the men’s room at The Speakeasy in downtown Austin, I couldn’t help but notice the guy’s shoes in the reflection of the mirror as I washed up. They were all I could see under the door, you understand, but they were really nice boots.

Oddest thing, though, the trousers around them were of an old-fashioned cut of cloth. The material and the boots both really seemed to be from another time period. I looked away for a second as I grabbed a paper towel, but looked up in time to see the stall door open and close … then a moment later the door to the bathroom opened and closed – with no one there.

And a moment after that, from inside the bar, a woman screamed! It wasn’t until then that it hit me what I had seen!”

The checkout woman and I exchanged a startled glance.
“Unbelievable!” I remarked. Then turning to Elroy, “He didn’t wash his hands?!”
“Well, he was dead,” the check-out lady shrugged.
“Still an awesome story, Elroy! See you on tour sometime!” And with that, I left the store, grateful for listening to that impulse to get one more bag of Halloween candy.