It is common for two people to be in the same location and one person will see something no one else can see. It is a genetic trait. These ‘seers” often have family members with the same ability.

This story is a good example. Told by actress Alexandra Daddario while on the Kelly Clarkson show.

”  When asked if she has ever experienced anything supernatural, Daddario replied that she hasn’t personally, but “There was one time I was shooting a film in Louisiana and I was in a little town outside of a place called Shreveport. One of the members of the crew, a girl, starts crying outside of the house we were shooting in. She said, ‘I can’t. I can’t go in there. There’s a woman in the corner of the room saying, ‘What are you all doing in my house? Get out of my house.” And she said, ‘I can’t go in there,’ and she wouldn’t come in to work. And then later that day, we all found out the husband, the owner of the house said, ‘My wife passed away in that room.’ And there was no way for her to know about it. But I didn’t see the ghost. But that always creeps me out because I’ve never found an explanation for it.