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Pioneer Farms Investigation

Pioneer Farms Promo Schmelz – SD 480p

When is the  next investigation: December 29 and 30 2022 and 1- Saturday a month year-round.

What to expect: Full immersion private paranormal investigation and tour. A flashlight haunted history walk into the many haunted buildings all built in the 1800’s on the 90-acre outside living history museum. We will have the farm to ourselves! Each location has a unique history as told by the spirits who remain to tell their stories. Walk on the path that was part of the actual Chism Trail. The same path that thousands of pioneers traveled on their journey to an unknown land and the same path the cattlemen drove hundreds of thousands of cattle. Once the land of Texas’s Native American’s their presence can be felt around the 500 year old oak tree where they once called home during winter months. The original family home of the German immigrant Kruger family. The family home of judge Bell whom Bell County is named after. And so much more.

The haunt begins: Meet your guide who is an experienced psychic and medium.  In front of the dance hall.

When: December 29 and 30 2022 and 1- Saturday a month year-round.

Who’s welcome: Everyone! Limited number of spaces.

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Ghosts sometimes repeat the words we say ckick here for an example