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Pioneer Farm Ghost Tour & Investigation

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50% of the revenue from this tour goes directly to Pioneer Farms to support efforts to save historic buildings and history.

This is an event created by the nationally acclaimed Austin Ghost Tours and Haunted Texas. We continuously produce interesting and respectful communication with the invisible. This is a complete after-hours private access to the 90-acre living history museum filled with historic buildings. This is a full immersion paranormal investigation and tour. Each location has a unique history as told by the spirits who remain to tell their stories. Below are several examples of EVPS.

The 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month 7:00-9:30PM gates open at 6:30PM

What to expect 1st Saturday of the month. We will feature the Orsay House which was built in 1896 as a residential home located at 903 Neches Street in downtown Austin. The Kruger farm compound a true reflection of what life was truly like for the first settlers. Outdoor kitchen, corn crib, well and more. The shores of Walnut Creek which was once the ancient summer encampment of the Tonkawa Tribe. The Bell House where the ethereal occupants of the house are always ready to visit.  Bring cameras and audio recording equipment. We will also have equipment to share.

What to expect the 3rd Saturday of every month. Recently placed near Sprinkle Corner the old Dessau Chaple. Dessau Texas has been swallowed by urban expansion; this is one of two buildings that remain from that small German community. The Bell house and detached kitchen because these ethereal occupants like our visits. The Jordan House built in the traditional dogtrot style log cabin this was the original farmhouse of Pioneer Farms and was built by the slaves who lived on the land. The Freedman’s house moved from what was once a selfsustained freedmen’s colony in Manchaca Texas. Bring cameras and audio recording equipment. We will also have equipment to share.

The haunt begins: Meet your guide who is an experienced paranormal investigator and researcher Monica Ballard or Sidney Weaver, in front of the dance hall. Click here for the Farm location.

Who’s welcome: Everyone! Limited number of spaces.

Ghost Audio from the Farm: Pioneer Farms

Click here for evidence on previous investigations at Pioneer Farms

Ghosts sometimes repeat the words we say click here for an example

Video of ghost interaction at the Farm

Video of ghost interaction at the Farm

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