Ghosts are everywhere not just old places!

Fuddruckers in Corpus Christi Texas

Listen to an employee tell her ghost story

Fuddruckers in California.

Before Fuddruckers the building was a Blockbuster. The ghost is of someone who met his untimely end in the pre-Blockbuster days. As the story goes, back in the 1980’s the area was home to a skate park. One of the skaters is alleged to have broken his neck and died there but his spirit remained.

Back in Blockbuster days the spectral skater was fond of flicking the lights on and off, passersby witnessed these light shows. The ghost was also said to open doors, turn on battery-powered toys, and pile video boxes on the floor, incidents that employees supposedly heard. He was also heard repeating his two phrases: “shh … listen” and “You’ve been bad.” Apparently, he continued his ectoplasmic activities after the Blockbuster closed up shop and was replaced by a Fuddruckers, although there are no specific reports of just what he did at the restaurant.