A Magical Journey Through Ireland at Samhain
A tour created by Austin Ghost Tours and our Irish Comrades
Castles, Fairies, History, Ghosts, Paranormal Investigation, Storytelling

The journey begins: October 29, 2023 and ends November 4, 2023

Who’s welcome: All! Only 16 spaces. $3333 per person

click here Samhain Experience Itinerary and Cost  

MUST LISTEN! * Click here to listen to The Singing Tour Guide of Ireland (our co-host) tell you the history of Ireland’s traditional songs ending with Fiona’s rendition of the ballad. 

A few highlights from this unique excursion

Puca Festival Taking place in the shadows of Trim Castle

Dinner and a live performance of Tlachtga at the Lawrence Hotel.

  • Following Samhain, we will join the Irish for their traditional All Souls Day and All Saints events including visiting an ancient graveyard. Click here
  • Excursion to the most haunted castle in Ireland Leap Castle where we will conduct a respectful paranormal investigation to discover who, what and why spirits are lingering. To learn more about the most haunted castle in Ireland – Leap Castle. click here
  • Attend a workshop taught by Druid, Rachel who is a Healer, Psychic Soulpasser and Medium. She will offer us a Samhain blessing, Samhain ritual and we will kindle the sacred Samhain fire. As the Dark Season begins it is a time of the thinning of the veils in between the dead and the living. As a psychic she can give our guests’ information from their past relatives if you so wish. This activity will awaken people to the New world which will be about tradition and spirituality, family and land.

 Discover the magical, mystical and ghostly legends of Ireland on this 9-day trip. This specially designed trip will take us away from traditional tourist areas and into the homes, farms and lands of our local Irish comrades.

Have a look at one of the locations we will visit on our journey VD ancient hill

Watch Gerry’s video of Leap Castle where we will meet the ghosts   Click here

Fiona Dalton in traditional Celtic harvest costume welcomes AGT  watch video

Listen to our hostess the “Singing Tour Guide of Ireland” Podcast of traditional Irish songs: Click here