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Tour guide Monica Ballard was a guest on the podcast. What a fun interview! Especially because Austin Ghost Tours was able to share in particular what a ghost is like on a tour.


Ghost Tour: The Podcast — Southern Gothic (

Speaking of podcasts, Austin Ghost Tours hosts their own podcast called Haunted Texas and beyond. We update and add new stories every week.

Recently added on the Haunted Texas and beyond podcast is the. T. V. Show haunted Texas. Haunted Texas called Peyton Colony. A wonderful story about a Friedman’s colony in Blanco County, Texas. Also recently added is. the Haunted Texas episode Castell, which is about a German family who came from Germany and settled in the little town of Castell in Lano County and all of the ghosts and experiences they have had as a family.

Other podcasts that Haunted Texas and Beyond has focused on is the mysterious. nature of cats, the old and ever-expanding story about the lady in white in Southwest Austin.

Our podcast also has stories about the historic Bremond Block in Austin, the historic 6th Street District in Austin and much more. The Bremond Block on our YouTube page.

Jeanine owner of Austin Ghost Tours on The Paranormal Road podcast