Fire Station 4 is the oldest operating fire station in the Austin Fire Department and the only operations fire station that dates back to the horse drawn era of firefighting in Austin.  Fire Station #4 was the original fire station for West Austin Volunteer Fire Company #7.  In 1916, when the Austin Fire Department transitioned from a volunteer to a career department, West Austin Fire Station #7 became Fire Station #4.

Located in Clarksville it was reported to be haunted by the people living in the houses in the neighborhood. One common sighting – when the trucks are out what looks like a woman can be seen standing in the upstairs window looking out. In 2006 I went to the station and took a few pictures.

Clearly no one in 2006 was spending time in the upstairs area that was once a meeting place for Austinites. At that time, it was just used for storage.

The entry way clearly looks like it was designed for a wagon. There are still marks on the floor from the horse and wagon days.