A Ghost on Davis Lane a story told to Jeanine Plumer:

I’ve lived here in Maple Run for over 30 years (Grew up in South Austin near Barton Springs) and I’ve never heard of the lady in the white dress with black hair until today but I have definitely seen her.

It was around 20 years ago and I used to work the night shift; I would get home after 3:30AM.

I would take Davis Lane from South Congress all the way to the dead end of what use to be Deer Lane where Olivia (Sendera) now intersects. Back then it was a nice quite country road especially in the middle of the night. I would never see anyone or any car during my commute home on Davis; as I passed Cameron loop and proceeded up the hill I had to come to a stop at the top due to a Lady in a long white dress with jet black long hair in the middle of the road very slowly walking towards Brodie, it was almost as if she was standing still; I slowly passed her and rolled down my window to ask her if she was ok as it was 3:30am in the morning and here is this lady in a white dress barefoot walking in the middle of the road on the top of the hill which is a dangerous place to be especially when there were no lights or much of anything else around back then.

Is it human?

As I rolled past I couldn`t see her face, just more black hair; she never acknowledged I was even driving past her just kept her head straight and that was enough for me as I got a creepy feeling something was not right about this whole scene.

I kept on going and always wondered who that lady was? Why was she out at 3:30am in the morning?

Why was she walking on the scariest, creepiest part of Davis lane at 3:30am in the morning? IDK but I do know she was as real as you and me out there on that road and when I read about the lady in the white dress and black hair today it gave me the chills all over again. True Story…

A first responder thinks she knows the origin of the Lady in White on Davis Lane:

We responded to a collision on Davis Lane.  At the time, Davis Lane was a 2 lane road.  There was a dip at the top of the hill where Westgate intersects Davis Lane now.  My Dad and I were the first responders  to arrive on scene.  A white truck went through the fence at the top of the hill.  The truck was on its roof.  There was blood smeared down the side of the truck.  No one was in or around the vehicle.  After being on scene for at least 30 minutes, a car drove up.  The driver of the car told us he lived in Maple Run and two young males came to his door saying they were involved in an accident.  He was told their cousin had been with them but they couldn’t find her.  They drove around the earea until they found the accident scene.  They were unable to find their cousin, though.  Upon speaking to the young men, we discovered they had been to a party.  Their cousin was in the truck with them.   After the accident, they removed their cousin’s body from the truck and carried her to try and find help.  We conducted a search of the area and found her body in some brush on the north side of Davis Lane, almost to where it intersects with Brodie Ln (just passed the water tower).   She was extremely pale and had been deceased for some time.  We were not able to revive her.   

 I think her name was Elizabeth.   She was 14-16 years old.   The drive of the car was intoxicated.

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